What is ECD?

Welcome to the FNB ECD project where you are going to change the lives of the most vulnerable members in our society, our children and especially those children whose wellbeing is compromised by poverty.

ECD stands for ‘Early Childhood Development’ and focuses on children between the ages of 0-6 years old. We focus on key areas of learning that contribute to 90% of human brain development by the age of 5.

These include:

  • Personality (Social and emotional)
  • Physical (Gross motor and fine motor)
  • Language (Listening and speaking)
  • Cognitive (Problem solving, creativity etc.)

In order to encourage optimal brain development, children need nutrition, safety, health, early stimulation and love. In receiving this in the early stages of life, children acquire healthy brain development that contributes to learning, problem-solving and forming healthy relationships with others and ultimately contribute to society.

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