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Step 1: Find a crèche
This can be any crèche with any needs, anywhere in South Africa. In order to transform a crèche into an ECD centre, you first need to find a crèche that requires assistance. Adopters can also request a crèche in their location of choice. The crèche can be registered or unregistered. If a crèche is registered with the DSD but still requires assistance, the adopter can still adopt that crèche and transform it into a fully operational ECD centre.
Step 2: Connect with the creche
Visit the creche and meet with the stakeholders to introduce them to the ECD project. After choosing your crèche, you are required to visit the ECD in order to determine the needs of the crèche and how to assist them. FNB will provide you with a baseline checklist that you will need to take with you on the visit for assessment reasons.
Step 3: Commitment to support
Once you’ve adopted an ECD, start building a relationship with the stakeholders. Explain that you, as an adopter of the ECD, will assist in supporting them to become sustainable and registered with the DSD.
Step 4: Identify needs
Upon visiting the ECD, adopters should take the checklist below with them to assess the needs of the crèche. Before stipulating what is required to be done to transform the crèche into an ECD centre, listen to the practitioners or caregivers of that crèche and determine what they need first. In some cases, their need is more immediate than transforming the centre and giving them what we think they require. Adopters should take pictures and note the location on their initial visit to the ECD. This allows FNB to track the progress of the ECD centres and enables FNB to track where the multiple ECD centres are around South Africa.
Step 5: Upload info to ECD database

If you don’t have access to the website, kindly contact

Step 6: Connect crèche with support
Start raising the necessary funds to move the crèche towards becoming stable and sustainable.
Step 7: Implement & support
Once the first ECD visit has been completed, and the checklist has been filled with the crèche’s needs and requirements, the adopter and their team should undergo a way to fulfil the needs of the crèche based on the level of priority. Adopters should engage with the different partners, stated below, to inform them of their ECD centre’s needs and a way in which they can move forward to fulfil those needs. If necessary, agreements should be made with the relevant partners to ensure that these partners supply the needs of the ECD on a continuous basis.

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